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Austin, Texas || The live music city


This was a trip of ‘firsts.’ My first time to Texas, my first work conference, my first Frito pie, and my first time away from my baby.  Even though I missed my little one, it was such a great time. My trip to Austin, Texas was a trip I didn’t even know I needed.

We stayed at the J.W. Marriott hotel, which had beautiful rooms, restaurants, and amenities. But what I really enjoyed was the location in the heart of downtown. I am not a city girl whatsoever but, I love a town I can walk when traveling. It makes things so much easier not having to worry about parking, paying, Uber, etc. Plus, it gives you a better opportunity to explore and find fun spots…like this one.

The Blind Pig

The LoneStar Bat Cruise

Our group decided to do the LoneStar bat cruise. For those of you who don’t know (and I didn’t), Austin has the largest urban bat colony. 1.5 million female bats live under a bridge that transverses Lady Bird Lake. Just after sunset, the bats all swarm out of the bridge and into the night. I did not really know what to expect but it was a pretty cool experience. Photos and videos could not capture this, definitely a must see in person.

Notes about the bat cruise:

  • they want you to arrive like 45 mins early, this was very unclear as to why. But, we did have time to figure out how to get a cocktail on board. 
  • there was a boat tour of Lady Bird Lake before the bats, the tour guide was great, and the sunset was gorgeous.
  • it was recommended to bring a hat (thoughts on why???) Well, we would find out shortly. I did not have a hat but I am glad I brought my rain jacket. gross.
  • the bats were so tiny! The bat flock (?) seemed to go on forever, it was truly amazing how many bats are under this darn bridge.
  • When I return, I am going to check out the view from the bridge for a different perspective
    Horrible picture of the bats



    I woke up on the last morning of my trip feeling eager to see my baby but, also relaxed and refreshed. Such an unexpected reminder of the importance to take time for yourself, even if it is work-related. It’s weird, like when you are at home you are mama and sometimes you forget you are also this whole other person.  I am also someone who consistently packs way too much, loves to explore, drink rosé, sing along to a cover band and enjoy a somewhat corny boat tour. These reminders are good for the soul. The food was good. The shopping was good. The music was good. Oh yea, the conference. Yea, that was good too 😉 Austin, I will be back. Keep it weird for me in the meantime.


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