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Violet’s Second Birthday

And just like that, my baby is two.


With my sister’s baby shower coming up I wanted to keep it simple for Violet’s birthday this year. Her birthday was on a Sunday so I decided on brunch and gifts at home with family. My best friend and her sweet family decided to drive down last minute which made the weekend so special for our girl (and for me!)


We woke up slow and started prepping for our birthday brunch. On the menu: OJ, coffee, fruit, eggs, bacon, blueberry French toast casserole, and Duck donuts. After we ate, Violet opened her presents. We really weren’t sure how she would do this year with gifts since she was SO uninterested last year. But, she loved it. The paper, the gift, the ooing and aahhing.

The only thing she loved more than the gifts was blowing out her candle. I am pretty sure she asked us to resing Happy Birthday about five times. Honestly, now, three weeks later, we are still singing Happy Birthday..

And then the big reveal…

Thinking back on the old school Barbie Jeep and how it was such a childhood staple, I knew I wanted to get her a battery ride-on car this year. My first actual car was a yellow VW Beetle and when I saw the battery operated VW I knew it was the one! To say she loves it is an understatement. Basically she just drives in circles as she has not quite mastered the steering wheel concept.

The weather was beautiful so we spent the afternoon outside in the backyard and then tried a restaurant on the water for dinner. We ended the evening with about five more rounds of Happy Birthday, a piece of chocolate cake, and heavy eyes from a fun, but quiet weekend with family and friends.

I cannot believe Violet’s transformation over the past year. She has changed so much physically and developmentally. She talks so much and has just become this little person right before our eyes. While she has always been small in size, she is strong willed, feisty, and quick to tell you what she thinks. Do not let her size 12-18 month jeans fool you, she definitely thinks she is queen bee.

Despite her spitfire personality, each night she settles into my arms and lets me rock her for a few minutes before bedtime. Easily best part of my day. She has a whole motley crew of stuffed friends who accompany her to bed and checks them off her attendance list. She wakes up requesting ice cream, shouts “Hooray” at the end of every song, and loves brushing her teeth. She hates potatoes and does a mean dinosaur impression. She loves being outside, but hates being dirty and will call you stinky at the drop of a hat. Her hair is unruly, her smile is sweet, and her blue eyes are piercing.

Violet-I am so lucky to be your mama and I am grateful for you everyday. Everyday with you is a blessing and I love watching you grow and explore the world. I hope you always keep that sense of adventure and the ability to light up a room. You will forever be my little girl.

Happy second birthday, baby. I love you.



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