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October 2017 Book Review

This month I went against everything I believe in and did not finish a book. It was so hard to admit that I just could not get through it. And because of that, I only read three books this month for my October book review. It was also a SUPER busy month, hence the lack of blogging. I am trying to be okay with it and move on to November. The books I did get through were gems! Very much in the murder mystery/thriller vein this month (hey, its October) with a splash of chic-lit thrown in the mix.


However, the most notable part of my month was not the three books I read but the night I met ELIN HILDERBRAND at her book signing in town. She was there to promote the final installment in her Christmas series, Winter Solstice, and even read the first chapter out loud to the group. It took all my strength not to come home and read the book right away as I decided to hold off until closer to the holidays.

I could not stop talking about this night for the next few days. She was absolutely the nicest person and shared some good inside information into what is coming up. I got a chance to ask her questions and she remembered me later as I came through the book signing line. It was a total fan girl moment.

Okay, enough. Here we go..

Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty

I know, I am totally late to the Big Little Lies party. Loved this book! If you are not a book person, I have heard the tv series is good as well and I look forward to watching that next. I actually caught the first episode free on HBO. Reese Witherspoon is just the cutest! But, this is a book review so, I will refocus.

Loved the superficial aspect of the schoolyard drama and although I am just in the toddler years, I am sure a lot of this is true to life. But the deeper, darker issues the characters faced really made the story what it is. The inner dialogue of a woman in a domestic abuse relationship, a mother struggling with divorce and her growing teen, single parenting, body image issues and of course, murder at a school trivia night. Look forward to reading more from Liane Moriarty off my GoodReads list in the coming months.


The Couple Next Door: A Novel
Shari Lapena

GREAT READ! Probably could have read this in a day if I was not a toddler mom but three days is still pretty telling. I could not keep it down. A psychological thriller about a child abduction case, full of twists and turns and keeps you guessing until the end. It was a bit disturbing with the reveal of certain secrets but I enjoyed it through and through. And speaking of the end…OH MY!! What an ending. That is all I will say. Totally begs the question of “How well do you really know people, even those closest to you?”


The Dry: A Novel
Jane Harper

Probably my least favorite of the group but still a fairly good read. I would still recommend it if you like crime fiction style novels. There were times I was invested and other times I thought it was slow. I was not crazy about the characters either.

Aaron Falk returns to his hometown, a place he deserted years ago after rumors circled regarding his involvement in a teen girl’s death. While home, Falk gets wrapped into a new case involving the death of his former best friend, Luke, and his family in what appeared to be a murder-suicide committed by Luke himself. However, as Falk investigates on “unofficial” grounds he discovers there may be more to the story. In his discovery to uncover the truth about Luke, he also tries to understand what really happened years ago. Was there a connection?

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