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November 2017 Book Review

My November 2017 book review is done, finally. I am a week late but I have already read three for December so at least there’s that. This month I read three I loved (one fluffy, one romantic, one intense) and one I did not care for and was truly disappointed in. Our Christmas tree and decorations are up so I am loving reading my December books in true cozy fashion.

 The Nightingale: A Novel
Kristin Hannah

What an amazing story. This book took me a few chapters to really get into it but when I did, it was super powerful. The story is about two sisters living in France during WWII and their heart-wrenching and unbelievable journey back to each other. I loved the character development and the female empowerment this story portrayed. This is only the second book I have ever cried reading and if you choose to read it you will probably be able to identify the exact scene that did it for me. Definitely not my typical light, airy read but SO glad I read it. If you roll your eyes every time I review yet another Nantucket chic-lit book and are looking for a different, more serious or historical piece, this one is for you.

The Undomestic Goddess
Sophie Kinsella

LOVED this story. I just randomly picked up this suggestion from GoodReads and thought the plot sounded cute. I also needed a light read after The Nightingale. This story is about a work-a-holic lawyer who makes a critical mistake at work. Embarrassed and panicked she walks out of her job and ends up in another area of town and is mistaken as an applicant for a housekeeping position. She ultimately accepts the position with absolutely NO domestic skills and her employers are clueless about her true identity. Love the protagonist’s hilarious journey to learn how to cook a meal and do laundry, while happening upon love and her true source of happiness. Would consider this a contender for favorite book of 2017.

The Breakdown
B.A. Paris

Uh, just two stars from me, and this was generous. I was disappointed in this Paris novel, especially after reading and loving Behind Closed Doors. This “mystery” did not keep me guessing in the slightest! By pages 4-5 I had already figured out everything and then just wanted to get through it. With such a small character pool it was evident early on who the culprit was and what was going on. I had hoped I would be wrong and something would take a turn but it never did. I will say some people raved over this book but for me, I would recommend Behind Closed Doors and you can probably skip this one.

One True Loves: A Novel
Taylor Jenkins Reid

This was a love/hate book for me. About 85% of the book I just loved, could not put down, and was sucked into the story and romance of it all. This story is about a woman whose husband goes missing and is presumed dead. After struggling with the decision to move on from her “one true love”, she reconnects with and falls in love with her old high school friend. All is well until her husband is found, alive. Now she must decide between the two. This storyline was reminiscent of Pearl Harbor. I struggled so much with the end of this book and could not stop thinking about it after I was finished. Ugh, did she make the right decision? It was definitely a great read but I was almost TOO invested.

Tune in next month where I review some great holiday reads and announce my 2017 book of the year.

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